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No Fear of Fashion. Everything you buy in the world comes wrapped in plastic when it comes out of the factory. I would really like to be added to your huuuuuge blogroll if possible. I have been blogging for about a year and a half, and would love it if you would add me to your list.

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29 Sep , am Comment: The message from Hedi Slimane's debut Celine show? Women move on, nothing to see here.
Pearltrees is a place to organize everything you’re interested in. It lets you organize, explore and share everything you like.
Pearltrees is a place to organize everything you’re interested in. It lets you organize, explore and share everything you like.
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American Eagle Outfitters bring you a great collection of casual fashionable womenswear. You'll find a wide choice of women's jeans in different on-trend styles, as well as trendy tops, sweats, leggings, shirts, shorts, pants, skits, underwear, jackets, shoes and more.

Rita Ora looks fabulous in long sleeveless gown Photos. Harry baffles fans with new fashion accessory on tour Mirror. Meghan glows in a chic grey blazer and black jeans Hello! The theme for next year's Met Gala has been announced Refinery Ash Brown is the new hair colour to know Evening Standard.

Low maintenance hairstyles for busy mums Cover Media. From Cheryl to Jane Fonda: Celebrities on the catwalk Photos. Why Meghan keeps wearing black for official duties Cosmopolitan UK. Spencer dazzles in a sparkly black sheer dress Hello! Meghan wears chic Givenchy dress for first official solo engagement Evening Standard.

Why you should use oil to clean your face Cover Video. Wedding Woman receives invoice from bride after bachelorette party The Independent.

Vintage celebrity wedding dresses that were totally unique Good Housekeeping. Princess Eugenie's wedding day Photos. Eugenie says she will be 'running down the aisle' Evening Standard. All you need to know about the next royal wedding The Telegraph. Buyers said there was a difference between the struggles of large chain retailers and niche boutiques offering originality.

The two-day event was devoid of the hype typically associated with streetwear and sneaker shopping events, but that seemed to be purposeful. Luxury brands seeking to grow in China should court women in their late twenties and early thirties, the Institut Français de la Mode said.

Fashion Features Shanghai Fashion Week: The Pluses and Minuses There were standout and innovative shows in the mix, but attendees said workmanship remains an issue and most collections remain geared to the local market. Fashion Features Sene Introduces Home Fitting Box The customization company is hoping to expand its customer base with the new service. Get access to more fashion features coverage from WWD. I would like to be added to your community.

Best a Regards, Jennifer. Hi Jennifer, You have been added to list. Please read the guidelines here before submitting https: I find blogs such as yours inspiring, and practical. I write about my experiences as a 40 plus job seeker in my blog: It includes an online serial a story of midlife unemployment, and a Frenchman. In some posts I talk about fashion in relation to what to wear to job interviews of course. Your readers may like my post titled: The Big Bag Theory.

I love fashion, and I sew for me and my children. I stumbled across your site and for 1 month I following it. I just loving your site. In my blog lifestyleove Edit the pieces on a regular basis and add up to the minute pieces to keep the look fresh. Do not be scared to experiment and try new looks. Please join me at http: Hi I wanted to know how to get my Fashion Style blog added to the list.

It is a plus size blog featuring women over 30 but I am over 40 as the writer. Based in the US Philly. What a great list. I write Maryland Pink and Green, a lifestyle blog about fashion and happenings in Maryland and the DC metropolitan area. Please include me on your list. Hi I am a 44 yr old beauty blogger from the US and I am thrilled to have found you! Thank you for the wonderful web site and your work in creating a community of women over 40!

I am 40, living in the Washington State. Sylvia, I have tried to add one of your gadgets before, but for some reason it did not work. But I was finally able to add it today! I turned 40 this past August and love the freedom of it! My blog is all about creating unique projects, using what you have and trying to waste very little. With age, comes a new respect for this planet and trying my best to limit tossing anything into the trash. I was super excited to find your site!

I would love to be added to your site — My blog, http: Just turned 40 in July. Would love to be on this list of fabulous women! I blog about art, style and beauty! A few friends and I lauched an online magazine for women 40 and up in the Spring. I write a weekly blog — life, fashion, design, etc. Thanks for doing this. I have a personal type blog where I post about the simple life I lead to the Hermes scarves that I am passionate about.

I live in a designated heritage registered arts and crafts bungalow. As I have two adorable grandchildren and have recently retired my blog is undergoing a transformation as I embrace thrift shopping to refurbish my wardrobe after losing over 25 pounds on Weight Watchers.

I love to cook and share my recipes and live with my husband of almost 40 years and two crazy cats. What a fabulous idea this is! And, I would love to participate as I believe you will be hugely successful as there is an entire world of women over 40 who are absolutely brilliant and play very important roles as style-makers, decision-makers, and money-makers.

Currently there are about people per day viewing the blog, sometimes many many more. Welcome Marsha and great to read your blog is doing well. You may like to consider adding one of my badges. I like to reward blogs that send traffic back to me and will move them up the list. Merry Christmas to you and your family…. Wow what an amazing list of bloggers! If you can I would love to be added to your list of over I am over 50! I run a blog mostly about beauty products, reviews and giveaways.

I blog mostly about using natural products for your skin care, thoughts about being over 50, and lots of product reviews it seems.. Have a wonderful holiday season! Hi Sylvia, I would be honored to have my blog added to your list. Thanks, and have a Wonderful Holiday! I blog at Older Mommy Still Yummy. I welcome submissions from readers who wish to share their celebrations, too.

It would be great to ne added to your wonderful community. Hi, what a great idea. I am looking forward to perusing the blogs on this site. I was also thrilled to realize that you accept submissions too. I write about a variety of topics including life, humor, higher education, entertainment and politics. Thanks for doing this! My blog is Simply Tango simply-tango. Currrently we live in the upper Midwest USA and you find me on twitter simplytango!

So wonderful to find your site!!! I am 41 years old, mom of 4 with a blood type b Haute! This is very encouraging. I would love to be added to the list xx. I could not find you on my newsletter list. Can you please make sure that you have subscribed? Then let me know and I can add you to the style challenge list. I got confused with the style challenge. I will add you to the list shortly no need to subscribe, although you are welcome to..

So glad I found this site. I would really like to be added to your huuuuuge blogroll if possible. As a former magazine beauty editor, I wanted to create a blog that was relevant to my time of life and that would help to inspire other young at heart women in their 40s and beyond. My twitter handle is ukglowology Thank you! I am well over 40 and have a beauty blog with some occasional fashion for women over Do you take beauty bloggers?

I would really like to be added to the list. I wish you a Happy New year! Thank you Nadia http: Hi Sylvia, What a great site you have! Check out my blog at stylenudge. Sometimes we all need a little style nudge! Mom Wants A Life. No baby news or diapers here! I love your site! I love bargains, fashion and writing, not necessarily in that order. I focus on affordable fashion for women over 40 and have a great following of readers from all over the world.

Our product line is designed specifically for women over 40, and my blog addresses health and beauty issues that are of importance to us. Hi Sharon, Sorry but I cannot include you in this list as your website is mainly intended to promote your products and is too commercial for this list.

You would need to make use of our advertising options: I was so glad to find you. My blog is a lifestyle blog that touches on hair, faith, musings, fun finds, and a bit of Disney. Hello I enjoy reading the various blogs, and decided to create a fashion blog myself. My name is Jess, I am 45, and my style is somewhat trendy at times, but more classic with a taste of vintage jewerly and such.

This became an outlet, as 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos, a rare connective tissue disease, that causes chronic pain, as I am missing a protein in my collegen loosening the joints, ligaments etc. I wanted to do something I enjoy, and I like fashion and try and dress up most often. I hope to be added to this list. I am also using twitter, faacebook, and pinterest. My website again is: Thank you Sylvia, I appreciate it. Lots of women with style!

My blog is fashionshouldbefun. Thank you for adding me. My blog TrendSurvivor is 3 years old and has fresh content every day. My blog is about makeup. It features indie makeup brands. I show how to wear unconventional colors and styles age appropriately. I also review regular products on Examiner. I would love to network with beauty bloggers my own age!

HI Stephanae, Best wishes on your blog! I think it is a great idea to show what you enjoy, can do, and want to share with others the same thing. I have a rare disease and I too, am hoping to show some with chronic illneses that you can enjoy your life, feel good about yourself etc.

If you would like to stop by, I am at http: Thanks sylvia, glad to get these blogs list…………. I recently started a lifestyle blog about food, fashion, home and travel. I would appreciate your adding my site to your directory. I look forward to connecting with you, other bloggers and readers. This list is updated once a month. I have updated your name. Join me at Sunday Style next week!

So thrilled to be on your list. Thanks for adding me to your list, I appreciate it! I have added your Twitter. Hi Laura, Thanks for letting me know. I have added it to the list! Will check it out. Will I be eligible for the list once I turn 40? I have added you to the list already. Yes, we will have our own little community here and grow stronger! I have made the changes.

I have added you to the list! Thanks, Tracy Miller theclosetshopper. Thank you so much for having me on your list! Hi Sylvia, I read nearly all your blog entries, but just discovered this page this morning—Wow, and Fantastic! Thanks for considering my blog for your list! Great idea for a website Pearl! Good luck with your site. You have been added! Hi Pao, You have been added! Thanks for such a quick response Sylvia! You are already listed. Just search for your name and you will find yourself!

Thanks so much, Kelly. You have been added. You have amazing style by the way! Your blog has been added Audrey!

Your blog has been added! Sorry for getting this wrong Robyn. I have changed it. Your site has been added. You have been added Melanie. Great blog by the way. You have great style! Great to read that you enjoy my blog! Happy to add you, but at the moment your url does not seem to be a working website? Looking forward to being a member!

My twitter is FabulousFLMommy. Ok, you have been added. My Twitter handle is GirlReworked. You have been added to the list. A wonderful revolution against ageism in the fashion world. I have you to the list! Well said and great topic Maureen. I added one of your badges. You have been added to the list!

Thanks for adding my button Catherine. I have added your Twitter handle! You have a great site! Hi Sylvia, What a great idea. You are on the list Becca! Please add to your over 40 list. No age limit for stylish women! Have added you to the list. You are on the list Donnachloe. Thanks for adding my button! Your site has been added!

I will stay in touch! You are very welcome Gigi. Glad to have discovered your site! You are on the list! Welcome Cherie, You have been added to the list! Thank you ever so much!! Keep it pretty, robincharmagne Robin Hardeman.

Thanks for creating this list, Beverly, beverlymarquis P. Thank you so much, Sylvia!! Welcome Christine, you are on! Hi Giulia, Welcome to the list. You are very lucky to live in my favorite country Italy! Just noticed that my blog is already added, thank you! Welcome Paula, Your blog has been added.

Welcome Gianna, you have been added. Please ad me, Sylvia. With thanks in advance, Jan Fort Smith Stylista. How do I become a part of this community? I have just added you Sue. Hi Susana, You have been added to the list. You have a fabulous site with really high quality images and great outfits! Thanks Sylvia I am glad you liked it. Hi Sylvia and Happy New year!

Thank you so much, Holly. Your site has been added Pam. Welcome to the community! You have been added Ericka! I have added you to the list Sue. Congratulations on starting a blog Jen. What a fun thing to do together with your daughter.

You have a very chic style! I love your current funky hairstyle! I added the badge to my sidebar. I added your blog Heather. How fun to do this together with your colleagues! Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy. Welcome to the community Janet. Welcome to the community Dan! I have added you to the list Caroline. HI Sylvia I have just started a new blog and would love to be added!

I have added your blog. Im ready to start shopping for my type 3 personality. Where do I start. Hi there, Love the blog. Tweet me EllePlusBlack I have a personal blog — http: Tweet me stilettowheels I am passionate about a positive approach to style and inspiration for women transitioning physical change and love finding others who feel the same way. All the best, Elle. It has been added to the list Jyothi.

You are doing amazing here! I have added you to the list Kristin. You are on the list Heidi. Hi, I adore your blog! It is so nice to connect with a community of people who have great style! I have added your blog too. Let me know your location and I can add that as well. Found your list of blogs and would love mine to be added to it, please. What a fun idea for a blog Andrea!

Sorry Erwilyn, but this list is for bloggers only. Looking forward to checking back in. Your blog has been added. Thanks for this awesome list! I lived in Sydney for 7 years and loved it. I regularly miss it….

Thank you for a great web site! You have been added Susan. Welcome to the community Alison! My Twitter is deiaboaideia Kisses! Welcome to the community Catherine! You are on the list. Thanks so much, Sylvia. Welcome to the community Nicole! I have added you! Hi Sylvia, I would love to be added to your list of blogs! Hello Sylvia, I love your blog and I am a regular visitor.

Here is my information: Welcome Ana, You have been added! Hi Sylvia, Please have a look at my blog and FB page and add me to your site if you wish. Thank you so much Sylvia. Hi, Please add my blog—it is: Welcome to the community Maricia! Thanks Sylvia, I am so very glad to be here!

Welcome to the community Kara! Thank you very much!! Dear Sylvia, I would also love to join your community. I am forty and I have two blogs: I am from Belgium. Thanks and regards, Laura. Welcome Carla, you have been added! Hi there, I stumbled across your great site! I am an over 40 beauty blogger! Welcome to the community Cindy! Dear Sylvia, I love your great idea and I would be delighted to be included in your blogroll.

Thank you so much Sylvia! Girls, a post about the recent protests in Brazil. You are already on the list Mimi. Its great that they are not afraid to pose for photos and write a blog, they all look great!

Many thanks Tracey xx. Great goal Jessica and you did a great job. So happy to be here! Would love to be added to your list. Global finance and Global current events are my main topics!

Welcome to the community Kel! Thank you so much Rachel x. Welcome to the community Christine! You are now on the list!

Welcome Joan, you have been added to the list. Hi Sylvia, Great idea for getting our blogs more well known! Hi Sylvia, I am a fairly new 46 year old blogger. Add us- 40 yo Blogger!!! We are just starting out and would love any support!

Unfortunately, this page is not for businesses but wishing you lots of success! Hi Sylvia Can you do me a favor and change my listing from fashion blog to lifestyle blog. Welcome Joannie, You have been added to the list. Welcome to the community Debbie! Welcome Marnie, You have been added! You have been added to the community.

Hallo Sylvia I stumbled across your site and for 1 month I following it. Welcome to the community Catherine. Great to read that you like by site! Based in the US Philly thanks, Sherry http: Welcome Sherry, You have been added to the list! You site has been added! Thanks you so very much Shalunya. Dear Sylvia, Great idea! Welcome Beata, You have been added. Hello Sylvia, Thank you for the wonderful web site and your work in creating a community of women over 40! My best wishes to you and all your readers, Natalia.

Lovely to have someone from Switzerland here! Welcome to the community Rachel! Hi Sylvia I would love to be added to your list! Welcome to the community Sue!

I have added your magazine to the list! Sylvia, I write a weekly blog — life, fashion, design, etc. Welcome to the community Antonia! Welcome to the community Maricel! Welcome to the community Kim! I added your badge today.. I am aging in style!! You have been added to the community! I forgot to tell you my twitter handle: Welcome to the community Tammy. Hello, So wonderful to find your site!!! Welcome to the community Kimberly.

Also good luck with the style challenge! Welcome to the community Allison. Hello Sylvia, I would really like to be added to the list. Thanks so much for adding me to the list! Thanks for including me on your list!

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